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The Battle of the Devil With The God of the Sky (A Peleja do Diabo com o Dono do Céu)Edit

A Peleja do Diabo com o Dono do Céu (also known as Zé Ramalho II) is the second solo album by Brazilian musician Zé Ramalho.

  • Release date: 1980
  • Genre: MPB (Popular Brazilian Music)
  • Label: Epic

Ramalho front

Ramalho back

Ramalho inside1

Inside Left
Ramalho inside2

Inside Right
Ramalho inside2 detail

Inside Right Detail
Ramalho insert1

Insert Page
Ramalho insert2

Insert Page
Ramalho record


Other AlbumsEdit

Capa vinil meu destino

My Destiny in Your Hands

The Divine Art of Torture

The Divine Art of Torture
Alternate cover

Assorted artists
Cine Trash
Compilation by Marins

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